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40 is a weird age to be: Presenting 40th funny birthday greeting cards

40 is truly a weird age. This is the exact age where you are neither too young nor too old. The age where you can no longer hang out with your friends as you did in bachelor times. Because now if you are married then you will already be having kids and you do not want to be the first person to teach your kids what hanging out really is. So, in this weird age, we are neither too old that we wouldn’t be celebrating our 40th Birthday. 


And whenever we are invited to a 40th Birthday party, we remain confused on what gifts that we are giving it to the birthday boy. (err.. or you may say ‘Birthday Man’).

So, we at have decided you to bring to you something which is neither too kiddish nor serious as a gift for 40 birthday party.

We are having a gallery of personalized photo greeting card designs which you can gift it easily to the receiver celebrating his / her 40th Birthday.

Some of our Greeting Card designs are dedicated to bring out little humor out of this weird age. You can find these funny cards for 40th birthday on our humorous birthday cards section.

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